Mad, bad, and dangerous to know


Girl, don’t date him.

Here is a story about Lord Byron being a bad boyfriend. It appears in the final issue of Alice Blue, whose editors, Sarah Gallien and Will Gallien, published one of my first stories ever. I’m honoured to contribute to the final AB in the company of many fine writers, and am glad, too, that this little story has found an excellent home.


A long overdue update

Dear Website Visitor:

It’s been a long time since this site had much of a voice or a presence, but today I sit down feeling refreshed and chatty, and am ready to put in the effort again here in the “blog” section on the site.

Accordingly, a summer-into-fall update.

Things that happened this past summer/early fall:

  • My essay, “You Play With Dolls,” was published in Black Warrior Review. Many thanks to Connor Towne O’Neill for selecting it. It’s my first long-form non-fiction piece! And there will be lots more dolls in future work. The future is full of dolls.
  • My story, “Helena, Montana” came out in the Spring/Summer issue of Alaska Quarterly Review. I’m particularly proud of this story, and really glad it found a home at Alaska Quarterly. Also, it’s important to support AQR, which is being threatened by absurd bureaucracy and budget cuts.
  • I attended the Sewanee Writers’ Conference as a Tennessee Williams Scholar, where I workshopped with Christine Schutt and Tim O’Brien, and met lots of great writers, besides, all at the beginnings of promising careers. I was also lucky enough to be able to go with one of my best friends, Brad Aaron Modlin, a fellow Tennessee Williams Scholar. Things that happened at Sewanee: a carp tried to eat my toe, the friendly student worker in the Music Library told me about the legacy of the “Sewanee dogs” (they’re dead professors!), my new friend Garrard Conley was nearly hit by a bolt of lightning while walking to dinner. If you go to Sewanee, definitely eat the tiramisu at dessert. And keep moving in the swimming hole, so the carp can’t latch on.

That is what happened this summer. Am currently reading lots of books and putting finishing touches on my collection, while somehow also wading deep into the middle of the novel and taking the dog on walks at strange hours.

Recording of “You Play With Dolls” up at Black Warrior Review Website

Two-Faced Baby DollDear Readers: I love dolls.

My essay, “You Play With Dolls,” an exploration of creativity and storytelling and, well, dolls, appears in Black Warrior Review 41.2. If you want a preview or you just can’t stand to read any more sentences, BWR has shared a recording of me reading an excerpt here.

As a sidenote, it’s always really awkward to record yourself reading, especially when you’re also trying to keep a nearby hound from scratching or jingling his collar tags while you do it.