News & Readings

On Nov 3 I presented “Object Lessons” at Winter Wheat: The Mid-American Review Festival of Writing, wherein a bunch of writers indulged me as I talked about the wonder of objects and how to write all about them (they did some fantastic writing in that session and listened patiently as I enthusiastically read them several “great lists in literature”).

I’ll be reading this Thursday, November 5 at Bob’s Bookstore in Charleston, IL, alongside EIU grad student Kelly Pierce, as part of the Nancy Hennings Memorial Reading Series.

“Machines of Another Era” in Wigleaf Top 50


Very grateful that guest editor Amber Sparks selected “Machines of Another Era” for inclusion in this year’s Wigleaf Top 50, along with the work of brilliant writers like Kathleen Rooney, Alexander Chee, and my old MFA-mate A.A. Balaskovits, author of the newly released Magic for Unlucky Girls

Wigleaf is one of my favorite online journals–and one of our very best. So honored to have been included on this list again.

Recording of “You Play With Dolls” up at Black Warrior Review Website

Two-Faced Baby DollDear Readers: I love dolls.

My essay, “You Play With Dolls,” an exploration of creativity and storytelling and, well, dolls, appears in Black Warrior Review 41.2. If you want a preview or you just can’t stand to read any more sentences, BWR has shared a recording of me reading an excerpt here.

As a sidenote, it’s always really awkward to record yourself reading, especially when you’re also trying to keep a nearby hound from scratching or jingling his collar tags while you do it.